Undergarments for babies with skin problems

Naturally Lyocell

tencel-lyocellLyocell (Tencel brand) is a key raw material used in Kuli-Muli products. Lyocell is produced using wood harvested from sustainably managed forests and is 100% organic. The Lyocell fillings and fabrics in our baby sleeping bags, duvets and pillows are shown to promote better and sounder sleep. The high degree of insulation combined with low filling volume and superior moisture wicking ensure optimum breathability and prevent your baby from overheating.

Lyocell is a naturally hygienic fibre. Lyocell, with its
natural properties, opens up completely new perspectives and is the material of choice wherever hygiene and bacterial growth are of concern. Bacterial growth doesn’t stand a chance with Lyocell.

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Lyocell’s extraordinary climate management absorbs moisture during sleep and then quickly releases it again. Lyocell creates a drier and more comfortable sleeping climate than ever before. Another outstanding property of Lyocell mattresses is their ability to prevent mites. A study showed that the majority of an applied mite population dies in a Lyocell mattress (polyurethane foam with integrated Lyocell powder). By contrast, the number of mites increases 17 fold within a period of six weeks in conventional products.

Advantages textile fibre Lyocell

Lyocell is soft as silk. The textile’s silky smooth surface provides softness that you can feel while preventing skin irritation. Under the microscope, the difference is clear:
Lyocell has a cooling effect similar to that of linen, yet is as warming as wool thanks to the high degree of insulation combined with fast moisture wicking to ensure optimum body temperature regulation. With Lyocell, you sweat less and feel more comfortable. Lyocell delivered superior results in comparative tests.
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The main advantage of Lyocell is its excellent moisture absorption paired with fast moisture wicking. Lyocell incorporates submicroscopic channels between the individual nanofibrils to absorb and release moisture. The difference compared to synthetic fibres and even cotton is enormous. Lyocell absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton.

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Another important “side effect” of low fibre moisture is that almost no electrostatic charge is created in Lyocell fibres. This also helps prevent skin irritation.

Ultimate comfort for sensitive skin

A growing number of children today suffer from chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis (characterized by scaly red patches on the skin) or neurodermatitis. Perspiration and the incompatibility of textiles are the key factors that provoke skin irritation. It is therefore advisable to ensure babies only come in contact with natural materials that are gentle on the skin from the moment they are born. Kuli-Muli baby undergarments are made from pure Lyocell and are 100% organic. A number of scientific tests have proven that Lyocell dramatically improves the quality of life in affected patients. Lyocell fabric is processed to form a highly elastic jersey interlock material and is especially soft, snugly and pleasing to babies’ skin. Kuli-Muli fabric has a cooling effect similar to that of linen, yet is as warming as wool. One of the key advantages of this material is its ability to quickly wick moisture away from babies’ skin. Bacterial growth doesn’t stand a chance with Kuli-Muli undergarments. The growing number of satisfied customers in Switzerland is the best proof of Kuli-Muli undergarments’ effectiveness.

More and more children suffer from sensitive skin. Environmental pollution has led to an increase in the number of people suffering from skin allergies. For this reason, it has become increasingly important to focus much more attention on the human body’s largest organ – our skin.

The latest studies are alarming:

Atopic dermatitis (AD)
- Up to 20% of children and 10% of adults in Europe
- 5 million people in Germany
- 7% – 10% growth per year
- 80% show initial symptoms before their first year

Psoriasis (Sources Lenzing)
2% – 3% in Europe
- 3.5 to 4 million people in Germany

Factors that trigger itching and AD:
- Perspiration
- Incompatibility of textiles
- Food intolerance
- Aeroallergens (e.g. tobacco smoke, pollen, dust mites, mould and mildew)
- Infections
- Mental stress

Perspiration and textiles are the key factors that provoke atopic dermatitis.

Lyocell (Tencel brand) has been shown to effectively counter problems associated with sensitive skin. Lyocell is the perfect fibre for sensitive skin. The soothing effect of Lyocell has been tested and confirmed by persons suffering from sensitive skin.

Proven effectiveness

In a controlled clinical study of subjects with neurodermatitis who wore children’s sleepsuits made from Lyocell it was proven that Lyocell dramatically improves the quality of life in affected patients. “From a dermatological perspective, the unique properties of Lyocell make wearing clothes made from this material the best option currently available for patients with skin problems such as neurodermatitis.”

The following is a summary of the main findings after 4 weeks of wearing:

- 62% of children sleep better
- 48% scratch less
- 74% of children say that the Lyocell fabric feels cool to the skin and 77.8% say this makes it more comfortable than the cotton fabrics they always wore before.
- It is worth noting here that the cooling effect received a higher rating during humid times of the year (88.2%) than in autumn (60%).

Another controlled dermatological study of wear and use tested the compatibility of various everyday textiles made from Tencel when worn on the skin of 30 patients with
atopic eczema (dermatitis) and 30 patients with psoriasis vulgaris.

The study comes to the following conclusion:

Within the one-week observation period, the severity of the atopic eczema and psoriasis improved significantly. Overall, the textiles were very skin-friendly in all applications and significant improvements were shown with regard to itching, excellent skin-sensory and heat management properties – even during physical exertion – and very good perceived wearing comfort, especially compared to the previously worn clothing/bedlinen.

KULI-MULI 100% Lyocell baby undergarments
- To prevent skin irritation
- For skin diseases – to improve the quality of life
- For excessive perspiration
- Or simply to enhance your baby’s comfort

Benefits at a glance

- No electrostatic discharge
- No bacteria
- 50% more moisture absorption
- Temperature regulating – less perspiration
- Silky-soft and smooth surface
- 100% Lyocell – 100% organic

Kuli-Muli baby undergarments are made in the EU using pure Lyocell. The baby undergarments currently come in sizes 44 to 104.

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