Bed linen for babies


Beautiful bedlinens for the nursery

In this section you will find bedlinens of all sizes and in all price ranges for the nursery. Sold individually or as a set. Duvet covers and pillowcases, crib liners (or bumpers), canopies and mounting systems. And, of course, there are beautiful bassinets. All products are made in the EU and meet the strict standards for baby products.

It’s all about emotions in the nursery. The atmosphere should be splendid. Merely peeking into the room gets us excited and overwhelms us with feelings of joy. There are different tastes, of course. So it goes without saying that we have put together a wide selection for you to choose from.

Petits Animaux Lyocell vanille

Petits Animaux Lyocell vanille

Like our bedlinens made of pure Lyocell. This fabric is wonderfully soft to the touch and has excellent properties that help ensure babies sleep safely and soundly. Babies don’t sweat as much in Lyocell bedlinens and the fabric naturally prevents the growth of bacteria. Dust mites don’t stand a chance in this environment either. Select from a variety of fitted sheets, pillows, duvets and mattresses made of Lyocell to match your Lyocell bedlinens




The place where your baby sleeps should be well ventilated. More and more people are discouraging the use of crib liners (bumpers). We are listening, and have created a special crib liner that allows air to circulate without any obstruction. We call this crib liner “AirFlow”, and you will find it in a number of different versions in the shop.

1 Air-permeable ticking
2 Perforated fabric
3 Decorative fabric