Kuli-Muli Cushions

 Original Kuli-Muli cushion - Play with it first, relax with it later!

Originalkissen Kuli-Muli

Originalkissen Kuli-Muli

You often see a child with its favourite toy in tow. It’s often a soft toy that has to have its own special place in bed. It might even be used as a pillow although that is not going to help your child sleep comfortably. And so Kuli-Muli® was born.

Kuli-Muli® is a cuddly toy that converts into a pillow; kids will love it and want to take it with them wherever they go. They can play with it, read on it and use it as a cushion.

Wherever your child goes, Kuli-Muli® goes too, whether your child is playing, sleeping or in the car. Kids love him because he is so soft and is the best comforter in the world.

How does the Kuli-Muli?

On the belly Velcro fasteners are sewn


Depending on the version, the is of 100% cotton or in the plush version, from 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The fabrics are made according to Oeko text Standard 100 Class 1. It is filled with a polyester wadding.

Place of production?

It is produced in the EU


Fabric cotton: 60° C

Fabric plush: 40° C