Seat Cover Climatic

Seat cover Climatic

Many children are sweating in their child car seats. Their parents are heavily looking for products, which can prevent the sweating. On Google Search on can find hundreds of thousands entries about this theme. Actually only few effective products are on the market.

Kuli- Muli developed a new product, which helps effectively to solve this problem.

How is the Climatic Seat Cover constructed?

The product consists of a spacer fabric and a textile made of 100 % Lyocell. Spacer fabric and Lyocell textile are bounded together.

How Climatic works?

The new product of Kuli-Muli is the combination of Lyocell fabric with a spacer fabric. The Lyocell fabric absorbs the moisture in an outstanding way! The spacer fabric then ensures ventilation and cooling, and the dispersion of warm, moist air

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What are the differences between Climatic and other existing products?

The spacer fabric is soft, cuddlesome and very springy. Lyocell absorbs moisture better than all other known materials. Lyocell fabric is smooth and skin friendly. The CLIMATIC seat covers effectively reduce sweating while offering the best seating comfort.

Fabric and production are made in the EU against the standards of oeko tex standard 10, classe 1.

For which child car seats can Climatic be used?

The covers are universal for almost all known seats. The range consist products for each seat size in 4 colours.

New: The seat cover Climatic is no available also for prams